Valheim Is Unstoppable

Indie gaming is weird because sometimes you can talk about an indie game and nobody has heard of it, and other times you can mention one and it turns out it’s doing better than some AAA stuff. Valheim is very much on track to be one of those games in the latter category, because as of February 19th, it’s sold over three million copies. It’s a game that you likely wouldn’t have heard of prior to its release, but you’d be foolish to skip out on it now.

Valheim is a survival game that’s designed to be played in co-op with a few friends. You’ve been slain in battle and sent to Valheim, which is the tenth Norse world. Your task here is to sit around and relax, nor is it to be punished for your mistakes; instead, your task in Valheim is to try and restore order to the world by taking out everything that causes chaos on this plane. It’s not an easy task, and you’ll need to venture out into this massive procedurally-generated world to try and find the tools you need to survive and hunt down the things threatening Valheim.

In terms of what you’ll be doing at a base level, it’s very much what you’d expect of a survival game. You’ll be gathering materials, crafting new items, and trying to get better stuff as you go. What makes Valheim special is the encounters that you’ll come across, the bosses you’ll face, and the world in which you inhabit. Do not miss out on Valheim.