Mundaun Looks Deeply Unsettling

Mundaun has a truly gorgeous and incredibly striking art style. It’s described as being “hand-pencilled” and it looks as though every single frame has been painstakingly done on an old pad of paper with some really high-quality pencils. It’s the kind of thing that will have people talking about Mundaun without even needing to have played it. However, my hope is that Mundaun isn’t just a pretty face, but it looks like there could be something very special underneath this hand-drawn veneer.

Mundaun tells the tale of a man trying to find out more about his grandfather’s mysterious death in a fire. Naturally, it turns out that the fire is just one little indication that everything is a little bit off, and Mundaun itself seems to be haunted and rather messed-up. It’s a classic setting for any kind of horror game, and to find out what on Earth is going on, you’re going to need to find items, solve puzzles, and make it out of some deeply unpleasant encounters.

Mundaun is coming out on March 16th, and as long as it manages to play as good as it looks, then it’s going to be a stellar new horror game. I love finding new art styles for games, and the idea of an entirely hand-sketched world is fascinating, but the fact that you can also move around in this one really elevates it to an entirely different level. Make sure you check out Mundaun if you’re itching for a horror game, or if you just really like the look of it.