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Loop Hero Tips And Tricks

There are two realities possible at the moment. You’re either playing Loop Hero right now, or you’re avoiding it. Four Quarters’ never-ending roguelike has taken Steam by storm, and many fans of the genre have been flocking to the game, only to find that it is more than just a roguelike. Loop Hero incorporates so many different genres, providing you with a deck of cards, item build considerations, a recurring suite of construction projects and a healthy dose of candid conversation. It’s hard, but with some Loop Hero tips and tricks, you’ll have a much stronger start.

Loop Hero tips and tricks

Of course, it’s not just hard, it’s also a lot of fun, but the hodgepodge of genre hallmarks naturally makes the game quite confusing, especially at first. If you’re struggling to take down the Lich and you’re wondering how to get better, here are some Loop Hero tips and tricks to make sure you get out with all of your resources intact!

Don’t swap your items out for the sake of it

I made this mistake so many times in my first few runs before I realised why I was dying so easily. It’s easy to see the new and shiny swords and shields you get in Loop Hero and think, “the higher number means they must be better!” While that may be true on some occasions, it’s really more important to create a unique character build by equipping armour and weapons that fit into your playstyle.

Curate a build that serves your playstyle

Pause and look at the statistics of the items you get. You may see a Level 8 ring with extra Magic Damage, but your Level 5 ring provides 3.0 Regeneration Per Second, and that may be more valuable if your build is centred around staying alive. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to kill your darlings. If you have a Level 8 Shield with no extra effects and you find a rare Level 5 Shield with multiple buffs, you may want to swap if it suits your build better. Specifically, think about what your next fight is going to look like and base your items on that.

Learn how to create structures with your cards

In Loop Hero, when you place certain cards next to each other, you can create combinations that produce new effects. For example, if you place a Vampire House next to a Village, the Village will eventually be ransacked and turned into a new property after a few loops, which provides the player with health and quests when they pass through. Similarly, a 3×3 square of ‘Rock’ cards will create a mountain range that offers extra buffs but also summons Harpies. The most basic of these combinations is placing a Meadow adjacent to any other structure, which turns it into a Blooming Meadow and buffs its healing power.

You should figure out some of these combos on your own, but you should definitely check out the game’s Steam guides to find out more.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

One of the easiest mistakes you can make in Loop Hero is placing all of your cards down as soon as you get them. This means that tons of enemies will spawn, and you’ll clog your loop with mobs that endeavour to make your life hell. If you don’t get any lanterns to reduce spawning rates, you will be overwhelmed quickly and lose your run.

As it turns out, the game will actually reward you with resources if you have so many cards that the deck is forcibly cleared, so consider keeping your loop fairly quiet as you figure out how to play Loop Hero. Place a few structures and mob spawners down to create a manageable difficulty curve as you approach the boss, and dip out if you don’t think you can take them. Rebuild and come back stronger!