A Shiba Story

Earn the rights to pet a dog in A Shiba Story

We’ve previously written about the infinite goodness of dogs, and the absolute necessity to pet any dog you see, with the dog shelter simulator To The Rescue. But in this narrative-driven story about the face of the Dogecoin–the Shiba Inu–you have to work real hard for the affections of this delightful pup.

In A Shiba Story, you’re a rookie dogsitter with the most enviable job in the world: taking care of Sunday, your uncle’s Shiba Inu. But to the untrained dogsitter, caring for the Shiba Inu, a splendidly smart and fiercely independent breed, can be a bit of a handful. In fact, Sunday is so proud that he refuses to be petted if he doesn’t see you as family–a trait that seems to be in line with the real-life behaviour of these wonderful dogs. The only way to Sunday’s good graces is to gradually nurture a genuine connection with him, be it by playing a fun game of tug of war in the park, grooming him to keep his coat beautiful and shiny, or learning his moods by understanding the subtle nuances of his tail wags and ear wiggles. If anything, it’s a little like a dating sim, except that you’re trying to make friends with a pup.

But Sunday isn’t the only furry friend you’ll get to hang out with. You’ll also get to say hi to other pets as well, such as a Samoyed and–gasp–even a cat! You’ll also get to stroll along the sunny streets of San Francisco locales. Yet it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. There’s also apparently a dastardly being known as the dog-hater, according to the screenshots. What a scoundrel!

Unfortunately, A Shiba Story isn’t seeing a release yet, and we’ll probably have to wait at least till late summer this year. You can still find out more about the game over at Steam.