Sizeable Review

Incredibly fun

I’ll tell you a secret: I’m a sucker for a good puzzler. I’m especially fond of puzzlers that have a simple core mechanic. So imagine my excitement upon discovering Sizeable, a concept so deceptively simple that it’s in the name: changing the size of objects to solve puzzles.

From the far reaches of outer space to the North Pole, each of Sizeable’s twenty-one miniature dioramas is brimming with character. There’s an organic interplay between the elements of each world that’s immediately compelling. In one diorama, shrinking the moon will affect the ocean’s tide, allowing the player to interact with a shipwreck on the ocean floor. In another, changing the size of a campfire will in turn change the time of day.

It feels good, too. Resizing objects is achieved via the scroll wheel, a strikingly tactile decision that must be applauded.

As a final flourish, each level is accompanied by Jamal Green’s soothing soundtrack. Often featuring a gentle piano and paired with the white noise of birdsong or a crackling fire, it perfectly captures Sizeable’s zen-like mood.

Everything’s better in miniature

As you might have twigged, these puzzles are by no means designed to tax the player’s mental acuity. Sizeable is as much an exploration game as it is a puzzler, and I often found that solutions were a happy by-product of my own curiosity.

A part of what makes it such a joy to play is how quintessentially childlike it is. When the player can resize a bottle cork in the same diorama as a volcano, there is a clear awareness of how the player expects them to interact, and the diligence to follow through to the result: a volcanic eruption rivalling the most explosive of Science Fair demonstrations.

This cognizance is present in each level’s development, and consequently, the game is chock full of endearing little touches. The outcome is a highly polished product with a lot of heart.

A grower and a shower

As one might expect, Sizeable’s replayability is limited. Like most puzzles, once the solution’s found there’s no losing it again. However, the game makes a bid for longevity in the form of a tiny tortoise hidden in each level, typically only found by manipulating the diorama in ways that aren’t required to complete the level.

Beyond collectables, there are a handful of bonus levels and a post-credits promise for more to be released in a future update. For such a small game, it’s got an impressive set of legs to keep it going.

All told, Sizeable is an endearing little gem that offers the same light brain-teasing that your nan’s looking for when she sits down to do the crossword in the paper. It’s easy to pick up and put down, and treating it as such meant that the game never wore out its welcome. Charging through every level in one sitting is easily doable, but some things are meant to be savoured. As far as Sizeable is concerned, I’ll be coming back for seconds.