Skin Deep

Shoot space pirates and sneeze loudly in Skin Deep

Skin Deep looks set to be one of the most realistic first-person shooters I’ve laid my eyes on. You’ll be sneaking, subverting, sabotaging and shooting at space pirates who have boarded the starship you’re on. You’ll be crawling through tiny air vents, and skulking around the ship to take down the intruders shoeless (because that’s just being super sneaky, maybe). You’ll also sneeze a lot—the air vents are dusty!—and cut the sole of your bare feet with random pieces of debris on the ground.

There’s so little revealed about Skin Deep that it’s hard to parse what it’s about, but what little appears comical as hell. Described as a living insurance policy, you’re being delivered alongside precious space goods, serving as a security measure for corporations. Aside from the big guns and rockets you can use to fend pirates off, you can also pilot a mecha, or wield a modest can of… pepper. And a teapot. Somehow, the ship also seemed to be manned by a group of hyper-intelligent and blockish-looking space kittens.

If this sounds rather scant on details, it’s probably all par for the course for Skin Deep, a game that’s developed by Blendo Games. It’s the same developer behind the cyberpunk hacking game Quadrilateral Cowboy, a title that’s less concerned about telling a big, overarching tale, and more about stitching smaller, more intimate stories through environmental storytelling and well, its clunky, analogue hacking mechanics. Skin Deep can very well be similar in spirit—perhaps eventually revealing to you the unexpectedly philosophical meaning behind your decision to go shoeless in an all-out battle against space baddies. 

There’s no release date announced yet for Skin Deep, but you can try and figure out what the game’s about at Steam.