Traverse the skies as a paper plane in Lifeslide

Throwing a paper plane doesn’t seem like rocket science, but there is more to this leisurely activity than it appears. What sort of paper do you choose? What kind of folds should you make? Where should you hold the plane to ensure maximum velocity?

That’s what Lifeslide, an upcoming game about following the trajectory of a paper plane, is about, as it flies as far as the wind will take it. But rather than just press a single button and watch the plane soar however, you can control its flight and direction—and even choose from a variety of paper plane models, each with distinct features and aerodynamics that can help you stay in air for as long as the plane will take you. 

To clock in the further distance possible in the game, however, you should stay as low and parallel to the ground as you can, and for as long as possible,  but without crashing the plane onto the rough terrain below; that will gradually sap away at the plane’s momentum. At the same time, you can also collect boosts in the form of additional seconds, or energy crystals that can propel the plane forward. 

Lifeslide does want to be more than just a paper plane simulator, however, as it describes its experience as embarking on a “metaphorical journey” through seven stages of life. It’s not quite the emotive experience I expected—the soundtrack isn’t quite my vibe—but it’s at least a relaxing jaunt while it lasts.

First released on Apple Arcade in 2019, Lifeslide will be gliding into Steam on August 6th.