Labyrinthe City

Dive Into a Wholesome Puzzle Book in Labyrinth City

Not to be that person who bores people with their dreams, but once I dreamt the events of a book while falling asleep listening to its audiobook. An immersive experience unlike anything I’ve experienced since, my dream put me directly into the plot as the main character. Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective by the studio Darjeeling seems like it aims to do what my dream did—put the player right into the pages of a book.

Based on the adventure puzzle book series Pierre the Maze Detective by Hirofumi Kamigaki, the game’s art style is practically identical to the books’s style. Fans of the series will recognise each of the maps in the game from the original books. For example, the game map “The Forest” is taken from the book The Search for the Stolen Maze Stone. There are ten maps in total, which makes up to around five hours of play in total.

Labyrinth City is about exactly what the title states: navigating a labyrinth city. You play as Pierre, a detective in a rivalry with a thief named Mr X who stole a magic stone from the Opera City Museum. The stone has turned everything around it into a labyrinth, and you must navigate ten giant maps to stop him. On the way, you can find collectibles, talk to side characters, and solve side-quests.

Darjeeling suggests this game for the whole family, casual gamers, and those who love the unique graphic style.

Labyrinth City will be released on Steam on June 22.