Into The Darkness VR

Infiltrate an illegal research facility in Into The Darkness

Upcoming virtual reality (VR) shooter, Into the Darkness, wants to replicate the real-life experience of defending yourself against automatons–with its objects and environments said to mirror the laws of real-world physics. While the game still does  resemble most first-person shooters, where you’ll be attempting to nail as many headshots as possible, you can execute these robots in more dazzling ways than conventional shooters. Say, like stabbing with a loose arrow from a bow and arrow set, or with a kitchen knife that has been found strewn across the room.

So what better excuse than to test these capabilities in a world where conspiracies and illegal experiments are commonplace? Into The Darkness is also a futuristic tale, where humanity is attempting to reach immortality by transferring their consciousness to a much longer lasting vessel: machines. You play as Frank, who’s investigating such experiments being conducted at an illegal research facility. There’re a ton of robots that want you dead, so there’s never a bad time to whip out some guns and shoot them till they detonate. 

In The Darkness also opens up new ways of defending yourself in combat. In one scene, you can stop an enemy from getting too close by shoving them aside with one hand, grabbing a nearby knife with the other–and then incapacitating them with the weapon. There are also plenty of objects in the environments to fiddle around with, like rotating the hand wheel of a massive pipeline, or climbing up a wall by grabbing onto the precarious ledges around you.

Just remember that these are only available to VR players for now. Into The Darkness will be released sometime this year.