Create tons of car destruction with SWORDCAR

I love my vehicular violence that comes with colossal, medieval weapons, as well as a dash of heavy metal music–and SWORDCAR is gleefully addressing this niche with gusto. Featuring plenty of metal-on-metal destruction, as well as “thrilling drift mechanics and a plethora of original, maniacal heavy metal tracks”, SWORDCAR lets you eviscerate other cars with a giant sword sticking out of your windshield and windows. And if that isn’t enough, you can still crash your metal husk into other vehicles till they disintegrate into fragmented, metallic splinters.

Unlike some vehicular combat games like FlatOut, where such wanton rampages are simply the byproduct of intensely speedy arcade racing, SWORDCAR seems more concerned with enabling the bombastic spectacle of carnage and devastation. With the vehicles inspired by iconic drift cars such as the AE86 and the ‘69 Dodge Charger, you can also mow down regular folks too with your car- I mean, “seditious office workers automations known as BUSYMEN and their MANAGERS”. They’re most definitely not humans. Giant, mechanical arachnids will also be ripping open massive holes from beneath cobalt roads to swallow you whole, adding another layer of violence to this explosive cacophony. And adding a stylised veneer to SWORDCAR is the cel-shaded visual treatment, which only serves to make all its mechanical gore look even more eye-catching.

Details on SWORDCAR are still quite scant, and there’s no release date for this vehicular combat game yet, but you can always check out AZIZA, the death metal band behind its ear-splitting soundtrack. Meanwhile, take a look at the relentlessly high energy trailer: