Master the Elements in Zelda-inspired Elementallis

Every kid dreams of being able to control the elements, right? When I was young I would concentrate on the sky with stubborn determination to try to make it rain, and growing up with Avatar probably made a chunk of folks from my generation wish they were fire benders, too.

I knew my childhood self would have found joy in Elementallis, a game in which you master not one, not four, but eight elements to solve puzzles, fight foes, and restore peace to the world.

Elementallis, made by Iván Ruiz Lozano, pays homage to retro top down adventure games. Self-described as “Zelda-like,” the game is rendered in a pixel style that resembles Link’s Awakening. 

Its plot also suggests a typical hero’s journey, but with a twist: you were the one who ruined the world to begin with. You fight your way through eight dungeons and discover eight different biomes. As you progress, you will master more of the elements and gain new powers. Each element you wield has different functions; for example, you can use the wind to blow yourself across chasms or use lightning to electrocute foes. Combine the elements to make more powerful effects. 

Elementallis seems like it could appeal to most players of all ages, both those who are nostalgic for a retro aesthetic and young ones ready for a new adventure.

Launched on May 4th, the extremely successful Kickstarter campaign concluded last week while smashing all its stretch goals. Find out more about the game or wishlist Elementallis on Steam