Golf Club Wasteland

Become a golf-playing bourgeoisie in Golf Club Wasteland

Golf has always been the sport of choice for the decadently rich. It’s about the excessive use of land and space to hurl a itsy-bitsy white ball into the tiniest of holes; in particular, golf courses are such enormous plots of land that constructing and maintaining them, often for the benefit of rich, white elite players, actively destroy the world’s fragile ecosystem. “Golf course maintenance can also deplete fresh water resources…[and] require an enormous amount of water everyday,” according to a United Nations Environment Programme report. And in an era where both homelessness and housing prices are consistently on the rise, the proliferation of golf is an abject reminder of the sport’s status as a particularly wasteful luxury, meant only for the most privileged.

All these are what makes Golf Club Wasteland, a game about golf taking place in a post-apocalyptic universe, look like such a riotously brilliant concept. Humanity has effectively been wiped out on Earth—except for the ultra-rich, who have mostly fled to Mars on their big, expansive spaceships. Missing the destructive activities of golfing, they have turned the dilapidated buildings and debris on Earth into a massive series of golf courses for their perverse enjoyment. As one of those little humans with a jetpack, you can now sink the perfect shot among destroyed brutalist monuments, crumbling shopping malls and abandoned museums. 

In between putts, you can also unearth the story behind the fall of humanity, which is purportedly “at the hands of consumerism, Silicon Valley culture and ecological disaster”. These are clues you can probably pick at by peering closely at decrepit environments, as well as a radio show accompanied by the sleek voice of a radio DJ.

I’m so glad to announce that Golf Club Wasteland will be released this August.