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Wildermyth Tips and Tricks

As a tactics-based RPG with both an overworld map and an in-depth combat system, Wildermyth can be quite tough, especially if you choose to play on higher difficulties. This is a game about a band of normal folks trying to prevent catastrophe from engulfing the land, so it’s not too surprising when things get a little hairy. That’s why we’ve collected together a list of Wildermyth tips and tricks to help you get going.

Wildermyth tips and tricks

Whether it’s the best way to use combat abilities and classes, or picking and choosing your fights, our collection of Wildermyth tips and tricks will make getting started a lot easier.

Don’t get too old

Wildermyth allows you to randomise your characters, making it easy to quickly start a campaign and get moving. But you can also change their three defining hooks, altering their stats and more importantly, their retirement age. In a campaign of escalating difficulty, one of the hardest things to manage is your heroes’ retirement, because if they leave before the end of the campaign you might lose your most powerful characters at a point when the campaign is at its most difficult. Retirement age can also be increased via sidequests and narrative events. Look after your heroes and they’ll look after you.

Keeping overwatch

When fighting a horde of powerful monsters it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This is why overwatch abilities like the Archer’s ambush and the Warrior’s sentinel are so powerful, especially if you choose the level upgrade that means they stop enemy movement when activated. The Mystic can also interfuse with objects to let you pin enemies in place, you can equip your characters with throwing nets, or Archers can gain a trap ability that halts the enemy advance. Controlling the movement of monsters and choke-pointing them means you can dispose of them one at a time to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed.

Cultivate new talent

In Wildermyth’s five chapter campaigns it’s almost inevitable that some characters will retire. When they do, their children often take their place, but these adventurers are unlevelled and have a hard time dealing with late game enemies. It’s a far better idea to recruit villagers using legacy points whenever you have the chance, allowing you to naturally level backup characters as you progress through the campaign.

Don’t do everything

It may not look like it on the surface, but in a lot of ways Wildermyth is a resource management game. You fight monster infestations on tiles and settle them to gain resources for crafting. The thing is, everytime you fight, monsters gain upgrades in the form of calamity cards, so picking and choosing your battles is actually quite important. If you do everything and clear every tile, you’re going to be fighting the hardest possible version of those monsters, especially as settling tiles takes time, and more calamity cards are added based on a timer. I often found I had far too many resources in the late game that I gladly would have traded to reduce enemy difficulty instead. Plus, the more tiles you clear, the more peacetime you get, which brings your adventurers closer to retirement before the campaign has ended. It’s often better to do the bare minimum and focus on your main quest.

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