Psychonauts 2

The Best Upcoming Games in August

The inimitable Psychonauts now has a sequel, and there’s yet another post-apocalyptic RPG on the horizon. What are some of the most anticipated indie August releases? Let’s take a look:

Dodgeball Academia

The plot of Dodgeball Academia sounds like it came straight from a shounen anime: a hotheaded, eager and young protagonist wanting to be the best dodgeball player there ever was, set in a school that’s powered by a spinning dodgeball left behind by one of the most legendary dodgeball players in the school’s history. Then there’s an eclectic cast of characters all vying for the same spot of becoming the best. Dodgeball Academia seems like a zanier Persona, where you’ll need to forge friendships and train together with your best friends in the whole wide world to form an unbeatable dodgeball team. The energy is infectious, and even as a perpetual sloth, I can’t wait to get on the courts of this game already.

Dodgeball Academia is releasing on August 5th. 

Death Trash (Early Access)

The post-apocalypse and the promise to be acquainted with fleshy, cosmic horrors is a delectable recipe, and Death Trash mixes them both together in an action-RPG package, while letting you solve problems with a shotgun. Based in a grim pixel-art universe where blood and guts are aplenty and rogue machines are running amok, you play as an outcast attempting to survive the calamities thrown at you by this rotting wasteland. Expect invigorating conversations and dialogue (that you can leave halfway, if you’re bored), the capacity to spare everyone you see in your way, cadaverous foes, and an morbid, probably barbarous tale about survival at all costs.

Death Trash will be releasing as an Early Access title on August 5th.

Psychonauts 2

The critically-acclaimed Psychonauts is back with a sequel. True to the spirit of the original, Psychonauts 2 will still be a platform-adventure game with plenty of pizzazz and style, featuring clairvoyant children embarking on some incredibly wacky hijinks. You play a Raz, a young psychic who wants to be part of the Psychonauts, but the organisation has found itself in a bit of a mess. Discover what that is all about by leaping across brains and perform stunning acrobatics across a dizzying array of platforms and tightropes. How Psychonauts 2 will rise above ts original remains to be seen, but it already looks extremely promising, with fantastical level designs as well as tackling heavier themes like mental health.

Psychonauts 2 will be released on August 25th.


Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes has already garnered plenty of attention due to its star-studded Hollywood lineup: it features James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe as the voices of its doomed cast. And its story, too, is no less grandiose, reminiscent of a macabre Groundhog Day: you’re spending a romantic evening with your wife, only to have the night ruined with a police officer accusing your wife of murder–and subsequently beating you to death. Then you’re transported back to this beginning of this episode, forced to relive the trauma over and over again until you discover how to break the cycle–and change the outcome.

Twelve Minutes will be released on August 19th. 

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening

Here’s another post-apocalyptic RPG to spend hours in. Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is set in a universe where human civilisation has been exiled off-world, and as part of a elite military unit, you’ll be embarking on several missions to regain control of Earth, where it’s gradually being devastated by a dangerous megafauna and nuclear war. You can create your own supersoldier profile, work together with other survivors, tackle moral dilemmas, and survive among treacherous conditions by hunting for food and constructing shelters. While all par for the course for a post-apocalyptic RPG, but I’m keen to see if the game can rise beyond its influences to deliver a compelling experience.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening will be released on August 31st.