Monomyth looks like Skyrim set in the underground

Many games are driven by nostalgia; the entire soulikes genre, for instance, is a love story to the golden days of classic RPGs, where combat is punishing and requires ample finger dexterity, and where save points are few and far between. Likewise, the upcoming Monomyth doesn’t fall far from the same tree, having been inspired by dungeon crawling classics  such as Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis and King’s Field—the latter of which is the predecessor for the now renowned Demon’s Soul. The key notion is in the way players interact with its labyrinthine worlds: through fluid combat and movement that doesn’t get held back by scripted sequences or invisible barriers.  

That said, Monomyth also does resemble a modern classic: Skyrim, if Skyrim were to take place predominantly underground, and within the dark, winding corridors of grimy dungeons. Like most broody heroes caught in a dark fantasy universe, you’ll be able to wield a variety of medieval weapons—swords, daggers, hammers, maces, and bows—to overwhelm enemies. Combat takes place in real-time, with the dungeon’s skeletal crew and other ghastly foes, as you customise your hero without the constraints of sticking to pre-determined character classes; in other words, you can wield a greatsword while flinging spells at your enemies. 

Environments, too, can be interacted with in ways you’ll find intuitive. Don’t have the right key to a locked door? You have a huge hammer you can smash the flimsy wooden door to bits with. You can also bake bread—perhaps even become one of the finest medieval bakers in a city that’s housed within an impenetrable fortress. 

Monomyth has punched a resounding hole through its Kickstarter goal, but you can still contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, or learn more about the game on the campaign page.