The Wandering Village

Survive a toxic wasteland in The Wandering Village

There are plenty of resource management and village building games but The Wandering Village brings a fresh twist to help it stand out in this cluttered genre. Swiss developers Stray Fawn Studio blend a charming colorful art style with ecological survival elements to create a city-builder that feels new and original.

The earth has become a dangerous place. Noxious plants that emit toxic spores are sprouting all over at a worrying rate and extraordinary creatures roam the land. One such creature is Onbu, a colossal wandering being formed of earth and rock atop whom a group of people have found shelter from the dangers that lurk below. You play as the leader of these people tasked with bonding with the gentle beast, surviving the hostile land and growing your scant community into a thriving one.

Dangers are aplenty as Onbu wanders across various biomes each with its own set of challenges to overcome. As the leader you’ll send out scouting parties to survey the land, gatherers to garner much needed resources and build farms to sustain and grow your village. All the while forming a symbiotic relationship with the giant creature ensuring it’s healthy and strong enough to endure toxic lands. In a way, you protect the gentle beast and they protect you. This harmonious biology and ecological aspect of the game is an interesting facet that you don’t see often enough and I can’t wait to see how the game plays out.

There’s no concrete launch date for The Wandering Village yet, other than that it will come to PC and Xbox sometime in the future.