The Outlast Trials

Outlast Trials thrusts players into a violent mental facility

Red Barrel have been tight-lipped since they first revealed the prequel to the much adored Outlast series back in 2019. But a new gameplay trailer unveiled at Gamescom 2021 showcases what the next installment in the disturbing and violent Outlast series looks like. Set in the Cold War era, The Outlast Trials thrusts you and your friends into a creepy mental facility where you must endure and survive disturbing mental ordeals and terrifying enemies.

Inducing fear and anxiety have been a staple of the Outlast series that shove players unarmed into gruesome situations, forcing them to run and hide from terrors that lurk in every corner. The Outlast Trials promises to deliver the same tension fueled environment but with a new take. If the trailer is anything to go by, then we can expect more of the same terrifying gameplay with some welcome twists.

We see characters being chased by grotesque monsters down narrow blood-stained hallways, characters working together to traverse the environment and using mines and smoke bombs to obstruct enemies. That last bit is certainly new. Outlast games are known for their lack of combat, leaving you with next to no items to take out enemies with, and impelling you to rely on the environment and your little feet to outrun enemies and find cover. 

Also new is its co-op feature, which lets you team with up to three other players to take on this horrific challenge. A key factor that intensifies the Outlast experience is facing the torment alone. Whether playing with others dampens the intensity is a question mark. However, those who prefer the traditional Outlast experience can brave through the brutal ordeal on their own, if they have the guts for it. 

The Outlast Trials is slated for a 2022 release.