No longer human

Eviscerate foes as a cyberdemon in No longer human

There’s so much discordance going in the screenshots and trailers of the self-claimed “fvck-em-up” game No longer human; it’s filled with metallic industrial noise, harsh jagged lines and pulsating neon colours—but it’s hard to deny how effortlessly stylish and peculiar it looks. With a pitch-black background, objects and figures look like they’re being scratched on and lighted up on LED screens. 

With an emphasis on freeform combat that “incentivizes aggressive, stylish play”, No longer human is essentially a ultra violent beat ‘em up that lets you eviscerate foes along your lethal journey with pizzazz. Set in the near future in a virtual universe, you’ll play as Tsunono, a famous ex-vocaloid idol turned cyberdemon who just wants to carve a destructive path towards world domination. This is a new reality where, according to its Steam page, brain-computer interfaces are so prevalent that players can now live in the metaverse and abandon the physical realm. It also describes itself as a “surreal, Lynchian adventure down to the bedrock of the collective human psyche”, 

True to its sense of flow and intensity of its speed, No longer human is also designed for speed-running and repeated playing. There will also be upgradable movesets and special attacks you can unlock; I’ve even spotted Tsunono mowing down their enemies with a luminous scythe. That said, the amount of bright lights and flashes probably means that No longer human is going to be rather triggering for players with photosensitive epilepsy.

No longer human will only be released in 2022.