Lemnis Gate Is Turn-Based Overwatch With Time Travel

Lemnis Gate is the latest take on applying the timey wimey rules of time travel to a shooter. It’s not an easy thing to do, because putting time travel in a game, at least one that’s multiplayer, requires a lot of strict rules and restrictions to manage. If you let people travel as they wish, then it basically becomes asymmetrical automatically, whereas if you lock people into something specific, it might feel too constricting.

Lemnis Gate leans into the latter though, by having each round take place in a set time frame, and then having players take turns to play through the next iteration of the time loop. Each time you have to take a different hero into the fray, each of which has different weapons and abilities, and then try to use them as you can to come out on top of whichever objective you’re playing. As a concept, it’s undoubtedly interesting, and it looks pretty as well, which helps a lot, but it’ll all depend on how many people actually play the game and stick with it.

I’m a huge fan of games that break away from the norm, or add in a new wrinkle to twist gameplay into something new. Just look at something like Splitgate, for example, which takes a classic FPS formula and just adds in portals. So, I’m hoping Lemnis Gate will find its audience, because I’d love to see high-level gameplay of it, but we’ll all have to wait until it releases on September 28th to see if it manages it or not.