You Should Play Carto

Exploration is an integral part of a lot of games. In fact, you’ll struggle to find games that don’t at least flirt with it as a core concept, because the desire to push ever onwards is at the core of a lot of humanities desires, and fulfilling that in real life is a little dangerous, so games tend to allow us to live it out safely. Despite this, there aren’t many games that allow you to really get stuck into a good map.

Well, Carto is a puzzle game that has you playing as the titular character, who has to use their natural cartography abilities to try and track down her Granny, who got lost during a storm. Thankfully for you and her, though, Carto’s not just good at making maps, but can actually use them to shape the world itself. Alongside exploring as you go, you’ll also have to move pieces of the world around to unlock new paths and allow for new directions to be travelled. It’s a really interesting gameplay hook, and it’s a compelling one too, so expect to fall deeply in love with it once you try it out.

Carto is also only around six hours long, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for a palette-cleanser from any of the lengthy RPGs that are flooding our digital game libraries at the moment. It’s also really rather relaxing too, so it’s a nice one to play over the course of a few nights just before bed. No matter how you choose to play Carto, the key thing is that you do indeed play it, because it’s an incredibly special game that’s deserving of your time and attention.