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Sable Tips and Tricks

Sable, the first game from Shedworks, is about exploring a vast and uncanny wasteland on your own terms. At your own pace. At the mercy of your own instincts. But just in case you need a little push in, let’s say, the right direction, here are a few Sable tips and tricks to get started in the strange pilgrimage ahead of you.

Sable Tips and Tricks

Want to climb every sand dune and hover over every mysterious structure with incredible efficiency? You’re in luck, because here’s what we have in stall for you:                             

Last Allowance

Currency, known as ‘cuts’ in the wasteland, are easy enough to come across. Keep an eye out for glowing pots and chests when you’re exploring various ruins and outposts. Before you set out on your journey there’s a pretty good cache ready that you don’t want to miss. You just have to know how to ask. 

Hovering above the Ibex Camp is a balloon ship. Climb the rock spires and speak with the Cartographer, view his wares but even if you have the cuts to afford his map, don’t buy it just yet. Return to the camp and mention the map to the town matriarch Jadi. There’s a dialogue option to ask if the map is fairly priced and no matter how you phrase it, Jadi will gift you a decent bag of coins to get you started. Once more for the road. 

Maps are pretty handy dandy in Sable and can be bought for a decent price. Don’t sleep on the fast travel feature from the map screen either. 

Float On

Sable’s hover and climbing ability are more generous than you might be used to in other games. Most situations can be tackled with the starting stamina meter. The hover descends very gradually. Even if a gap looks like a daunting chasm, you’d be surprised just how far your hover ability will be able to take you. If you still have cold feet about certain jumps, try climbing as far as you can up a perpendicular wall, leaping off and floating the rest of the way.

Count Your Eggs

Again, most of the obstacles in the game can be tackled with the default stamina. But you can make things easier for yourself. Across the wasteland you’re bound to stumble across ‘Chum Eggs.’ If you see a strange little ribbon floating in a figure eight, it’s a Chum, a charming little worm fella. Approach and they’ll transform into an egg. 

Collecting them has a great benefit. South west of Burnt Oak Station, the initial outpost, is the ‘Chum Lair,’ a large mountain that houses the Chum Queen and not the abandoned couch beneath that bridge on campus, which I also happened to call the ‘Chum Lair.’ There’s a small cave opening on the west side of the lair. Speak to the Chum Queen to exchange eggs for permanent stamina boosts, not unlike eggs in real life. There are two Chum Eggs waiting for you on the perimeter of the Chum Lair if you arrive there a little short.

Big City Problems

Quests and medals await throughout the wasteland. Activating them is often as simple as coming across outposts or ruins. If you are finding yourself struggling to build up casefiles, the best place to get started is in Eccrine, the largest city on the map. It is nestled in the northwest territory of the map. If you come across a gigantic cable snaking through the ground, following it southward will lead you to Eccrine and its many adventures therein. Immediately when you walk through the gates you’ll be asked to solve a big city-wide conspiracy. It’s nice to feel important.