UnMetal Definitely Isn’t Metal Gear Solid

If you’re the kind of person that longs for 80s style media, then you’re probably also the kind of person that loves a bit of Metal Gear Solid. We’re definitely not quite at the level of trying to suggest that MGS is an indie game, that would very obviously be the kind of stretch that even the most flexible of cats would struggle with, but thanks to UnMetal, we also don’t have to.

UnMetal has you playing as Jesse Fox, who’s a civilian that’s accidentally ended up in a mission to prevent an attack on NATO. That’s unlucky enough as it is, but it gets worse, you’ve also now been shot down, captured, and you’re being interrogated too. You’re now going to have to try and escape this forsaken place if you want to survive, and that means crafting things to allow to you make your next move, distracting the guards that are stood around, seemingly doing nothing, and maybe even having to take some of them out, presumably in a very manly way.

Unlike other games that sound similar, you’ll also be able to level up and improve your stats to change how the character plays a little bit and give you a better chance at succeeding. It’s a really fun idea, and it’s coming out later this month. If you simply can’t wait for a couple of weeks though, you can always go ahead and check out the demo right now and see how far your sharp wit can get you.