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Fisti-Fluffs Is A Cat-Based Fighting Game

Look, we both know that everyone loves cats. Even if you think you’re a dog person, all that really means is that you’ve not found a cat that loves you enough to change your mind. I’m not even saying you have to forsake dogs, not at all, but you have to admit that cats are incredibly cute. Of course, even the most die-hard cat fans also have to admit that cats can be kind of brutal sometimes.

Well, Fisti-Fluffs is a brand-new fighting game featuring everyone’s favourite ferocious felines, and it’s one that has one of the most entertaining trailers we’ve seen in recent months, if only because of the choice of music. The game basically has a host of different floofs beating the existence out of one another using the physics-based fighting system and destructible environments. Not only that, but there are different modes to mess about with, and you can even hit bits of the environment at one another.

If that’s not enough to sell you on it, you can customise your cat with hats, outfits, and different styles, and even team up together to fight off hordes of invading rats. Clearly, this isn’t exactly a serious game, but it’s definitely a potential choice for any upcoming party nights you might be throwing. Also, and this is a really key bit of information, there’s a mode called “Metal Mode” and we’ve never been more excited to headbang while controlling cats and beating each other up, mostly because we’re not sure that’s a real sentence.