Get Your Cyberpunk Detective Fix With Keyword: A Spider’s Thread

Cyberpunk as a genre still has plenty of interesting things to offer. It also has a fair few pitfalls that it needs to avoid to be interesting, but it’s naturally to be inherently curious given that the genre tends to be about the issues that arise when corporations get too much power, especially as that’s something the real world is basically dealing with now, albeit without the bonuses like awesome robotic arms.

Well, Keyword: A Spider’s Thread is an upcoming cyberpunk detective game where you have to use your abilities of logical deduction, social engineering, and of course hacking, to try and find out who’s taken your missing daughter, and presumably try and get them back. You take control of Guo, and it just so happens that you have a shady past that should help you out when it comes to finding your daughter Sala. Let’s just say you have a certain set of skills.

You’ll have to hack into emails, social media, and everything else you can manage to try and find your daughter’s location. What’s interesting though, is that you’ll also have to use your real-world brain to figure a lot of it out, as the game’s not all that interested in making things too easy for you. If you like the sound of all of this, then you can either check out Keyword when it releases on September 28th, or you can get a sneak peek at it by downloading the demo which is available until October 7th.