You Should Play The Last Friend

A good genre mash-up is a hard thing to beat. The ability to delve into the best parts of multiple styles of games is one of those things that’s fairly unique to gaming, and indie gaming tends to constantly be pushing that envelope forwards too. The Last Friend is one such mash-up, and it fuses the beat ’em up genre with the tower defence genre, which is an incredibly intriguing choice. Better yet, it’s all about dogs.

You see, the world is in yet another post-apocalyptic state, but while humanity is doing the standard stuff like trying to survive, there’s a far bigger problem occurring. The world’s dogs seem to be disappearing, and there’s no reason as to why, or at least not one that anybody can see. Thankfully you play as a character called Alpha, who lost their dog many years ago, and is absolutely not going to go through that experience again. As you’re making your way through the wastes of the world, you see some mutants trying to steal a lost puppy, and it’s at this point you decide you’ll stand for no more and begin to fight back.

You’ll fight the hordes off by placing down towers and traps to defend your doggos, but you’ll also take to the streets yourself to put your fists to work. Plus, and this is probably the most important part of the whole game, you can pet all of the dogs. All of them. We’re pretty sure that’s settled things, now go and save those floofs.