Metallic Child Is Fast-Paced Roguelike Beat Em Up

Metallic Child has you taking control of an android called Rona, who has to try and stop a rebellion aboard the space laboratory Life Stream. A rebelling isn’t ideal, but it’s not usually world-ending. However, the denizens of this vessel have decided they’ve had enough of humanity and its pointless struggles, so they’re going to crash the Life Stream into the Earth to try and end it. It’s a classic robot revolt, and we’re here for it.

Thankfully for humanity, Rona isn’t just your average android, but one capable of kicking an immense amount of butt. Along with the usual ability to punch things, which is a staple of any game nowadays, you can also grab enemies to use them as shields, yeet them at other enemies, or just smash them into walls to deal massive damage. Also, because Rona is an android, when you manage to destroy a boss, you’ll be able to inherit its special ability, because Mega Man is life.

The story’s quite interesting too. Aside from the basic plot above, you basically play as yourself controlling Rona from Earth. The aim is to have you slot into the story alongside all of the other characters to help with your immersion. The idea that you’re in the game controlling the character as you’re playing the game controlling the character is a fun one. Also, and this is a big win that keeps coming of late, if you want to try out Metallic Child, you can do so thanks to the demo version.