Can We Have Some More News On Weird West, Please?

Editor’s Note: Ha, writing this up last week really worked, didn’t it? The game is being released on January 11th 2022. 

Now, there are a lot of games coming out at the moment, and the next few months look absurdly busy, even with big games being delayed. However, we’re still keen to keep on top of the games we’re looking forward to, and one of those happens to be Weird West. You remember Weird West, right? It’s the incredibly stylish dark fantasy game where the Wild West also happens to be full of monsters and stuff.

It’s a really intriguing idea, and one that immediately gives you an idea of what to expect too, which we appreciate. It’s not just the setting that demands attention though, as the game is being created by the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey. That means we can expect a systems-led experience that’ll be a blast to play, and probably allow for some immensely entertaining interactions. We haven’t really stopped thinking about it since it was announced, but we also haven’t heard anything about it since July.

We’re not upset about it, but we would like to know if it’ll still be launching this year. We know everyone’s busy right now, and things have been hectic for everyone, but we like to talk about cool games, and Weird West looks like a cool game. Anyway, we doubt that this article is going to spur on a surprise release announcement, but we can live in hope. If all else fails, at least everyone else who reads this will now also be a little bit sad about not knowing when this is releasing.