Teravit Could Be The Next Big Voxel Hit

The world loves a good voxel sandbox. Even though they all generally have you mining, building, and journeying around with minimal aims, they just scratch an itch. There are a lot of them to choose from, with the two biggest ones being Minecraft and Terraria, but there are always new games hoping to wink at players to get them interested in mining their digital worlds instead. They probably don’t wink, that’s not great, ignore it.

Teravit is an upcoming voxel sandbox game from CyberStep that already has a demo out, if you want to check it out. It promises a world filled with different biomes, all of which sort of sound like they want to kill you apart from the plains that are filled with flowers. Although, if you suffer from hayfever, you’ll probably think of that one in the same way as the swamps that are filled with poisonous gas. This isn’t exactly unusual, but the game seems to have a more direct story than a lot of these sandbox games.

You see, the Demon King came along and ruined everything by getting his servants to destroy the world’s villages. Then they even had the audacity to erect a bunch of castles to live in, and that all means that darkness is probably going to take over the world. Thankfully, you’ve just turned up, and it’s your job to try and stop that however you feel fit. There is, of course, singleplayer and multiplayer, but you can also just play however you want because it’s a sandbox. The Steam page even shows off that people can dress up as different anime characters if they want to. So that’s nice for the weebs out there.