You Should Play Dragon Audit

Accountancy isn’t fun. I know this for a fact having spent several years doing it as a job. However, if you put the word battle in front of it, then maybe we’re onto something. Dragon Audit is set in a world of magic where battle accountants have to leave their safe havens in order to collect taxes from dangerous places. It’s an odd premise, and honestly, it’s an odd game too.

It’s janky, and I say that with a genuine and very deep affection for it. The camera’s a little wonky, the story is absurd on purpose, and it’s all very much an adventures game too, which means having to steal fish in order to get printer toner. The whole game, including the mere idea of battle accountants, and the fact that it’s a romance story between a dude called George and a dragon, is absurd. That’s the point though, when this level of peculiarity is the aim, it’s something that’s knowingly funny instead of it being by accident.

It’s also got a really interesting message about halfway through it from the developer. I streamed this game, because I was told to and like not having to make decisions, and found out that it doesn’t want to be streamed, at least not all the way through. The message simply states that if you’re streaming it, could you not stream the whole thing. That’s because developers don’t make money if people see the entire game on stream, and it’s a good point. Anyway, go play it.