Tile Miner gives players the power to shape their own world

The sandbox genre continues to be an evergreen classic for players who seek experiences which put them in full control and play at their own speed. Now, Tile Miner promises to let players shape their experience more than any sandbox experience has done before.

Released today on PC and Mac via Steam, Tile Miner invites players to step inside their own randomly generated and completely unique land, with the power to mold it exactly to their liking. That is, if they can survive the first night.

Anyone who has ever watched Castaway and secretly entertained the idea of being shipwrecked on a desert island will understand the appeal of Tile Miner, a game which drops players onto a vast new landscape and asks “now what then?”.

Awaking to find themselves alone and with empty pockets, players will need to find food and shelter before nightfall to stay alive. Survival in the unfamiliar and unforgiving landscape will be the first challenge to overcome in Tile Miner.

However, the vast surroundings provide bountiful resources for players to turn the tides and make the land work for them. With a completely unique world to explore, farm and forage, Tile Miner lets players turn a desolate wilderness into their own personal kingdom.

With a breathtaking level of depth, Tile Miner can be experienced exactly how you want. Players can build homes and towns wherever they choose, attracting villagers and crafting kingdoms. They can farm the land by tilling soil and cultivating crops, and mine the mountains for precious materials. 

But the world of Tile Miner also hides dark secrets amongst its beauty. With elemental dungeons waiting to be explored – filled with treasure, puzzles and unique enemies – there are challenges to overcome scattered throughout the terrain. To fight back against these threats, players can forge powerful weapons or master alchemy and magic in their quest to conquer the evils of the land.

Developed by Chris Madden, Tile Miner is the product of seven years of development, with the sole aim of building one of the largest and most deep sandbox adventure games.

Tile Miner aims to be the bridge between some of Madden’s most beloved games, like The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft and Terraria. Today, with the game launching in full on PC and Mac, players will finally cross that bridge and build their home on the other side.
Tile Miner is available now on Steam for PC and Mac, priced $14.99 /