The Legend Of Tianding Kicks Butt

Realistically, there’s been far more wonderful games out this year than anyone can expect to keep on top of. If you tried to read about every single game that was released every day of the year, you’d have very little time for anything else. We’re talking from experience here, so just trust us. As such, it’s easy for exceptional games to slip through unnoticed despite your best efforts. Thankfully for you, we’re here to help you notice games like The Legend of Tianding.

The Legend of Tianding is a side-scrolling action game where you play as Liao Tianding, a vigilante in Taipei city. Your aim is to fight off the colonial Japanese authorities and try to bring some semblance of justice and peace to the streets you roam. You do this by kicking all of the butts with your Kung Fu and a variety of cool weapons. You’ll have to beat your way around town to try and help those you care about, so you can expect an awful lot of violence here.

Along with being a lot of fun when it comes to combat, The Legend of Tianding is also a fun way to experience a time in history that some of us may not know about. It’s always interesting learning new things, and maybe this’ll spark an interest in this period of history that you never thought you’d find. They say that knowledge is power, and learning things while also playing a great game would make you powerful indeed.