2urvive announces Android release

Blast the undead on your phone or tablet from December 15th.

2urvive releases on Android December 15th

If you love GTA 1-style shmups, and if you think what they need is a little less complexity and a lot more zombies, good news!

Gamers have been enjoying top-down shooter 2urvive on PC since August, but on December 15th you will finally be able to blast the hell out of some zombies via your smartphone.

In this pixelated post-Apocalyptic gorefest, twin brothers Alan and John take on the Infected, and they have a variety of ways of dispatching their foes. 10 weapon types are on offer, including grenades, flamethrowers, and freestanding turrets to help fend off the bloodthirsty hordes. There are several mission types, and if you happen to have a friend with a shared interest in zombie destruction, there is a co-op mode too.

2urvive has racked up thousands of sales on its PC versions and has received a GameJolt review score of 4/5. Fans reportedly asked for a mobile version, and 2BadGames were happy to deliver, which is awesome, as the simple graphics and gameplay style of this trigger-happy top-down are perfectly suited for the smartphone platform.

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