Five Kickstarter campaigns that are almost over

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starfighter infinity screenshot

Starfighter: Infinity by Ben Olding Games

There are 12 days left to join 152 other backers of Starfighter: Infinity on Kickstarter.  £12,300 has so far been raised of the campaign goal of £15,000 (about $21,000).  Backers who pledge £15 ($20) or more receive early beta access earlier than other players, and a full year subscription, which is to be priced at around £12-20 (to be confirmed).

Starfighter: Infinity is inspired more by single player games like Skyrim and The Witcher than traditional MMOs, the gameplay will be based around your personal journey, except there will be other players around. So if you need some help or want to play coop, then they can join you, but if you would rather be a lone wolf: that’s ok too. Or if you would rather spend your time battling against other players, then you have that option.

There is a huge amount of customisation involving weapons, ship upgrades and tactics.  Developer Ben Olding Games notes that:

There are loads of ships available to play as. In the final game you wont be restricted to only your own races ships, but you will have to might have to travel to a station that sells both! Buy weapons according to your play style, ship, nearby enemies and where you are in the galaxy. All ships are solar powered and the closer you are to a star, the more energy you will get. So for example, say you are in a slow moving ship, operating near to a star and fighting against an enemy who favours fast moving light armoured ships, you might want to use something like a tractor beam, to stop enemy ships and pull them towards you, before blasting them with a close range unguided weapon.

  • Campaign ends on 22 December 2017, with £12,300 raised towards target of £15,000. If you’re interested, join the Starfighter: Infinity campaign.


cede kickstarter screenshot

Cede by BareHand

So far, £10,000 of the developer’s target of £48,555 has been raised.  With six days left to go in the Kickstarter campaign, there is still time to join the 205 current backers.  A donation of about £15 ($20) will net you a copy of the game on release, along with some other rewards.

Cede is a combat farming game set in a post apocalyptic universe. With a fairly unique concept, enemies that are destroyed in battle are reborn as friendly vegetation.  These plant transformations assist you in combat the more you grow them, and can either attack other enemies for you, or buff your abilities and your health.

Says BareHand games:

BareHand is a studio built on the foundation of their faith in God. To make games that are fun as well as edifying for the mind, body, and spirit. As a direction extension of their faith, BareHand has values in being real with people instead of sugarcoating. The Bible has beautiful and ugly situations in it, miracles happen as well as violence and killing. The studio decided to display this in Cede where the game references the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis.

  • Campaign ends on 16 December 2017, with £10,000 raised towards target of £48,555. If you’re interested, join the Cede Kickstarter campaign.


the ballad singer screenshot

The Ballad Singer by Curtel Games

The Ballad Singer also has only six days left of their Kickstarter game, however, £19,800 towards their target of £21,986, has already been raised by 804 backers.  A contribution of £16 (about $21.50) will get you a copy of The Ballad Singer, as well as being mentioned in the credits and other rewards.

The Ballad Singer is an RPG/Visual Novel, set in a fantasy world which is completely governed by the player’s choices.  The Ballad Singer offers a fantasy story yet to be written, where the world changes and reacts to the player’s actions. This will allow you to live up to 1700 stories and 40 different endings, your decisions will affect the way the tale unfolds. Every single development and subplot in your story will be completely narrated and illustrated, even the smallest ones. Death is final, you won’t be able to go back to try and correct your mistakes. In The Ballad Singer, every choice is crucial.

Curtel Games state that it is their goal to:

Create full immersive experiences, which prove to be challenging.  There is just one difficulty level. The player has to get into the characters, consider the characters’ backgrounds, relying upon logics and physics laws to overcome trials and move along the world of Hesperia.

  • Campaign ends on 16 December 2017, with £19,800 raised towards target of £21,986. Check out the Ballad Singer Kickstarter project.


destionation primus vita

Destination Primus Vita

With five days left to go, Destination Primus Vita has so far raised £23,100 towards the campaign goal of £29,000 (about $38,800).  515 people have already backed the developers Epsilon, and if you wish to as well, the minimum pledge to receive a copy of the first episode of Destination Primus Vita is about £5 ($6.70).

Primus Vita is an episodic first-person narrative puzzle game.  This extraordinary experience happens when the protagonist is in cryo-sleep: to keep the mind fully stimulated during the space trip, NIM, the ship’s AI, has created a simulation which the ship’s inhabitants are living in.  It’s your job to explore the environment and find clues, collect items that tell stories, and talk with the other characters to deepen and strengthen their relationships.

From the devs:

Epsilon Games is a new studio, founded in Montreal in early 2017, but is composed of an experienced team: we’ve worked on AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Far Cry and Splinter Cell, and also on more mainstream games such as Just Dance, Myst, and Eagle Flight. Together, we believe we can cover all aspects of game development and deliver every episode with a unique, cerebral and emotional experience.


raji concept

Raji: An Ancient Epic

There are only two days to go for developer Nodding Head Games to reach their goal on Kickstarter.  1,777 backers have so far pledged a total of £53,674 towards their target of £120,000 ($160,600).  For £16 ($21.40) or more, you can receive a Steam key for a full copy of the game on release, plus a bunch of other goodies.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods, to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.  The story of Raji: An Ancient Epic, takes place right at the start of the next great war, where demons and their ambitions will drive humanity to the threat of extinction.

The combat of the game offers a mix of fluidity in movement and attacks going against powerful and mystical enemies. The combat is empowering, making one feel like a demigod, but beware, her vulnerability as a human is never far away. The game offers you choices from various weapons as well as god powers gifted to Raji allowing for diversity and letting the player explore their own style of gameplay.

Says the developer of the unique art style:

Raji’s concept art portrays the ancient and medieval architecture of India and unique miniature painting style. Encapsulating colourful exquisite environments which gives the awe of being in a mystical world. The inspiration from Hindu and Balinese mythology blends gracefully in the character design giving us a varied palette of colours and style to choose from. Every environment in the game is treated as an ancient Indian painting portraying a story with exquisite details.

  • Campaign ends on 12 December 2017, with £53,674 raised towards target of £120,000. If you’re interested and want to contribute before the end of the campaign, make sure you visit the Raji: An Ancient Epic Kickstarter campaign.


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A fan of indie RPGs, Andrew splits his time between grinding for XP, and writing about grinding for XP. As well as running our news section, Andrew eats a medically inadvisable amount of Marmite.

Andrew May

News Editor A fan of indie RPGs, Andrew splits his time between grinding for XP, and writing about grinding for XP. As well as running our news section, Andrew eats a medically inadvisable amount of Marmite.