Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! review

A split-personality hunt for mangoes.

Three characters – Yeah, Jam, and Fury – join together on a hilarious, sometimes suicidal hunt for mangoes. The twist is, they’re in fact the same person with multiple personalities. Firstly there’s Yeah, also known as Mr. Fabricate – the caring, compassionate personality. Next there’s Jam, also known as Mr Navigate, who – perhaps disastrously, considering he’s in a platform-based world – is terrified of falling. Finally, Fury, also known as Eradicate, makes up for what he lacks in brains with brawn. He loves mangoes even more than the others, literally stopping at nothing in his fruit-fuelled rampage.

Each level is completed by grabbing the mango, and this gets considerably more difficult to do the further you get through the game. The characters are so addicted to mangoes, they’ll often need to leap to their death just to snag the sweet fruit, as gravity pulls them towards the inevitable. Let’s just hope they get a couple of bites on the way down.

Yeah Jam Fury allows instantaneous switching between the three characters, providing fast-paced, difficult but incredibly entertaining gameplay. Each character brings their own ability, and you’ll need both careful consideration and reckless reflexes in order to reach the mango in each of the 100+ levels.

Yeah Jam Fury smilies

The cute, relentlessly smiling yellow bricks can be destroyed (if you have the heart) by Fury and recreated where you please by Yeah. Replacing the yellow blocks allows you to set up platforms which Jam can then jump to, climb over and bounce off. Jam moves considerably faster than his alter-egos, reaching blocks that the others cannot. You’ll need to be careful where you place them, though, as their numbers are limited in each level. Occasionally, however, you’ll come across more smileys than you’re likely to find in an entire WhatsApp conversation with your cheeriest of chums. Fury can punch his way through these with his boxing gloves that he refuses to remove, even when writing in his diary. Or instead you could leap into the air as Jam, then switch mid-air into Fury and crush through them all with his massive weight.

Some of the music in Yeah Jam Fury is pretty good, especially the 8-bit intro music, although most of it passes by unnoticed. The sound effects are more memorable. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard Jam scream “No no no no no!” as he unfortunately meets his end falling to his death. Whilst hearing Yeah crying “Craaap!” while is somewhat amusing the first few times though, it does grate a little by the hundredth. But hearing the narrator joyfully exclaiming “Mangooo!” never fails to make me smile, just like the yellow blocks.

Yeah Jam Fury dragon

Looks-wise, things are a little more confused, as cute pixelated blocks clash with much more detailed character models. Perhaps I’m being picky here, but I think the game would’ve looked a lot better with pixel art throughout.

Yeah, Jam and Fury will often find themselves thrown into an epic boss battle. Suddenly you’ll be face-to-face with a dragon, with no way to fight back except to steal its mango. That’ll show it. You’ll have to employ the abilities of all three characters to avoid its fire breath and claim the treasure. This provides a nice variety to the normal level structure. Occasionally you’ll be thrust into levels that provide other interesting and infuriating mechanics, such as a pitch black level with only a small light source. This means you not only can’t see where you’re going, but you don’t know where that beautiful damned mango is hiding.

Yeah Jam Fury builder

Should you manage to complete all the stages and set record times, you’ll never run out of content. Yeah Jam Fury comes with a full level creator, allowing you to not only create levels for yourself but to also share them with other players on the Steam Workshop.  Despite the game only having just launched, at the time of writing there are already 26 levels submitted by the fan base.

I’ve been playing Yeah Jam Fury so much I’m actually a little worried that next time I’m grocery shopping, I’ll be smashing my way through the store while shouting “mango!” at the top of my voice. If that doesn’t concern you, you can pick up Yeah Jam Fury on Steam with 30% off until 22 December, for £6.50 ($8.66).

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A fan of indie RPGs, Andrew splits his time between grinding for XP, and writing about grinding for XP. As well as running our news section, Andrew eats a medically inadvisable amount of Marmite.

Andrew May

News Editor A fan of indie RPGs, Andrew splits his time between grinding for XP, and writing about grinding for XP. As well as running our news section, Andrew eats a medically inadvisable amount of Marmite.