Magibot strategic platformer released on Steam

The magician robot casts onto steam today with 30% off.

Follow the adventures of Ilo, a small magician robot sent by humans to a planet of last resort. With its pointed hat and Magic Book, Ilo explores a world full of hostile creatures to find the terraforming beacons. Using nine different powers, such as the powers to fly, stop time or pass through objects, help Ilo overcome obstacles and bravely continue its odyssey.

Magibot combines the principles of a platformer and those of a strategy game. Wisely place the action blocks upstream before taking control of your character. You’ll need to employ careful thinking and tactics to make your way through over 40 levels and two separate game modes.

To celebrate the launch of the game, you can pick up Magibot on Steam for 30% off until 25th December for £7.20 ($9). If you’re a platformer addict, you might enjoy our review of Yeah Jam Fury.