Action platformer Burx starts Kickstarter campaign

RPG set in steampunk fantasy universe shows off new trailer.

Burx mixes Action Platformer with elements of RPG; its mechanics are very similar to famous games of the genre. Frantic battles, exploitation of realms and customisation of skills make of Burx a promising game of its kind. You will use combos to attack enemies and will have to find out a lot about the game world as you progress through the stages and talk to NPCs to buy and sell items collected during the game as well.

Controlling Zack and Enzo at the same time, you will be able to combine combos and abilities between the two, being able to separate them in some key points for solving puzzles or to defeat some type of enemy. The player will have a wide variety of enemies to deal with, from their appearance to how they can face them, some of them being able to defend or even dodge their attacks.

If you’re interested in backing the game, head over to the Burx Kickstarter page.  For a minimum pledge of about £9 / $12.20 you’ll get access to the full game on release, estimated for March this year.  The campaign goal is £22,001 with 26 days left to go.