Deep Sixed out now on Steam

Become pilot, engineer and cartographer in point-and click survival.

All alone in space – and with a rapidly deteriorating spaceship to boot – your job is to explore as much as humanly possible. In Deep Six the journey ahead will be fraught with all sorts of hazards – and it’s up to you to keep the engines (and everything else!) running smoothly. Ship parts can malfunction at the worst possible times – and they’ll fail catastrophically when you least expect it. That’s when you’ll need to choose between conducting an extensive (but inconvenient) repair or take a different approach so you can focus on the actual threat lurking just outside.

Whilst probing a massive, ever-changing nebula, you’ll discover more than space rocks and the odd celestial body. In fact, you’ll have to deal with a vast ecosystem filled with bizarre, wondrous alien creatures. Attack them head-on with lasers – or study their habits while trying to avoid their gaze. Unlock and equip upgrades along the way to raise the odds of survival – and remember: Perfect journeys are impossible … and you’ll probably die anyway.

Deep Sixed

Ryan Hewer, Project Director at Little Red Dog Games said of the realism in the game:

With Deep Sixed, we wanted to develop a game where players felt like authentic space engineers – learning how their spacecraft operates and applying that experience to solving complex issues that go way beyond pressing ‘E’ to repair a core system or two. Other games might have you play the role of the stalwart space-captain righting wrongs and seducing attractive alien species. Deep Sixed is a love-letter to the Scottys, Geordis, and O’Briens of world – armed with nothing but a space wrench and a roll of duct tape.”

Deep Sixed is available on Steam now, with 25% off until the 19th of February, priced at £7.71 / €9.74 / $9.74.