Crazy Dreamz 3 Boss

Crazy Dreamz looks to inspire us to code

Visual interface makes programming easy.

Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition appears to be the only edition of Crazy Dreamz, for the moment at least. In it, you attempt to become the most respected MagiCat by either battling through its side-scrolling sandbox platformer levels or, more curiously, by building your own with a surprisingly robust visual coding interface.

Its aim is to inspire folks to get into coding, see – folks that would normally be somewhat intimidated by the thought of building a game. It looks like the sort of thing that, pitched right, could get older kids and younger adults into the idea of programming, especially if the base game is decent fun.

Anyway – it’s out, sort of, another entry into the Steam Early Access fray. The developers reckon it’ll stay there until early 2018.

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