Structural analysis game INFRA releases third and final episode

Loiste Interactive concludes its oddball indie series on Steam.

You can make a game about anything. And so it is that INFRA, a game in which you play as a structural analyst, came to exist. A three-part series that first launched in early 2016, it’s now been finished, and a Complete Edition is available to buy on Steam.

Admittedly, it seems things don’t stay strictly business-as-usual, with the Steam page saying:

INFRA puts you into the boots of a structural analyst on a routine mission. Quickly though, your task turns into a fight for survival, all caused by deep-rooted schemes of the past. Your tools are simple: your camera and the wits to navigate a labyrinth of debris.

Not exactly a classic video game adversary but, hey, we’re big fans of shaking things up.

It’s on the slightly pricey side for an indie game, at £18.99, although it’s 15% off during launch week.