Untitled Goose Game Screenshot

Untitled Goose Game from Push Me Pull You devs, House House

Those sure are a lot of nonsense words.

The developers of the mad wriggling, wrestling “sports” game, Push Me Pull You, have announced their newest project with a video of pre-alpha gameplay featuring a goose terrorising a man trying to tend to his garden. This Untitled Goose Game places the player in control of a feathered maniac and sets them loose on an unsuspecting village to annoy and infuriate its inhabitants by stealing their stuff, sneaking through bushes and pickpocketing gardeners. Few things are more terrifying or inherently evil than a goose, and House House, for better or worse, seem to have translated that perfectly into game form. Combine that with a co-op mode and you have the whimsical stealth game I never knew I wanted.

If House House’s previous work is anything to go by it will be a laugh-out-loud, charming experience supported by strong well realised game mechanics. Coming some time in 2018 this is definitely one to keep an eye on.