minion masters

Minion Masters gets Frostival Update

‘Tis the season to play Minion Masters.

Minion Masters, an Early Access MOBA, got its 54th update today which brings the Frostival.

The Frostival is a limited time event that runs from December 1st (this Friday) all the way to January 3rd next year. The devs posted announced the update over Steam today and gave the following details:

  • The Frostival starts on December 1st at 10am CET
  • It has 4 phases
    1. Starts December 1st, 10 am – You can find the Magma Cannon in Expeditions – and warm yourselves by its fire.
    2. Starts December 8th, 10 am – A special limited someone visits.
    3. Starts December 15th, 10 am – To be revealed!
    4. Starts December 22nd, 10 am – To be revealed!
  • The Frostival ends on January 3rd 2018
  • During each phase, you can still find gifts from the previous phases.
  • In fact, you must find the previous gifts to get the ones from later phases.
  • For example, on December 18th, if you have found the Magma Cannon, you must find the gift from phase 2 before you start finding phase 3.
  • Cards from the event will become craftable when reaching the next phase and stay in the game
  • Limited gifts will not be available outside the event but can be purchased.

The update was rolled out and the player count is sitting at 400 as of tonight. You can check out Minion Masters here and the Frostival update here.