Path of Exile expansion one week away

This new expansion is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

Apologies for the awful pun, but if you got it, you’re probably hyped for the new Path of Exile expansion, War for the Atlas.

The latest update for the free to play game offers new content for new players and long term fans alike. Ten new gems have been added to the game, four skill gems and six support gems.  Over 50 new unique items have been added to the game, and as is Path of Exile tradition, many of these items were designed by members of the community.

As with all new content releases for Path of Exile, a new challenge league launches alongside it.  This time, we’ve got The Abyss league. This sounds similar to the Breach league.  Fissures open in the ground, spilling monsters, and the more you kill, the more come forth.  New abyss jewels can be found in the league, which offer new ways to customise your character and items.

For players in the end game, 32 new maps have been added, and the atlas system redrawn, offering new methods to reach the centre.  Finally, shaped and elder items – new properties can now be rolled on rare items that otherwise are not possible, such as support gem effects and increased level of socketed gems.

A whole bunch of new supporter packs are available to celebrate the expansion.  Starting at USD30, these packs contain cosmetic effects in game, or physical items as well, depending on the pack you choose.  You can pick yours up here.