Oh…Sir!! swears Switch release very soon

You can now competitively insult your friends on every system.

The original competitive roasting game, Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator’s comically contentious battle system lets players create quick-witted combos of dis-respective dialogue to hurl at adversaries in competitive one-on-one arguments.  There are multiple cantankerous characters to choose from, each with their own voices and quirks.  Each character has weaknesses that you can target to do more damage, such as family issues.

As the spin-off that no one asked for, Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast takes the torment to Tinseltown with a new cast of focus group-tested characters and features, as well as twice the vindictive vocabulary of its predecessor.  An expanded career mode delivers new situations inspired by classic movie icons, while a revamped scoring system and new charged comeback mechanic make battles more dynamic than ever.

You can insult the AI in single player mode, but there’s surely more fun to be had insulting your friends in either local or online multiplayer.  Oh…Sir!! is already available on pretty much every platform, and if you can’t wait to have a game mediate the abuse that you probably throw at your friends anyway, you can download it now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and both Android and iOS.

You’ll be able to purchase Oh…Sir!! on the Nintendo eStore from the 18th of January.