Genesis Noir launches on Kickstarter

A point and click adventure across time and space.

Funky, cosmic adventure game, Genesis Noir recently launched on Kickstarter with the promise of an experience spanning all of creation.

In the game you play No Man, a watch peddler stuck in a deterministic hell. Entering an expanding universe you must find a way to destroy creation in a bid to save your love, the alluring jazz singer Miss Mass. Explore the strange, surreal universe finding clues, changing worlds whilst singlehandedly tearing apart the fabric of the universe.

The first thing you’ll notice is how visually striking the world you inhabit is. Things bend into each other in this beautiful, monochromatic landscape. Developers, Feral Cat Den state the game has an ’emphasis on exploration, tactile interactions, and generative art’ which gives you an idea of the tone they’re going for.

There’s something inherently alien about its worlds, it seems to transport you to a place outside of our understanding. It offers a sneak peek behind the curtain of the universe as you explore nebulae, asteroid fields, black holes, primordial Earth, and jazz cafes. Not sure why there are jazz cafes, behind the veil of the universe, but it looks gorgeous.

The gameplay seeks to blends visual storytelling and interaction into one seamless experience’ which is no easy feat, but the early footage looks promising, as you can see for yourself.

Genesis Noir is available to back on Kickstarter now and has a teaser experience playable here.