Game Dev Tycoon finally coming to Android

Massively replayable simulator gets new life on mobile.

Praised for its replayability and faithful-but-improved-on recipe, Game Dev Tycoon on mobile introduces a user interface overhaul, a challenging pirate mode inspired by developer Greenheart Games’ piracy experiment and a content update featuring an updated story, new topics allowing more types of games, and a new super difficult mode which is hinted to be inspired by true events (which is also on its way to Steam soon).

The piracy experiment proved interesting and was a clever punishment aimed at prevent game piracy.  Players who pirated Game Dev Tycoon quickly went bankrupt in game due to piracy rates, and, quite ironically, asked for DRM and other anti-piracy measures to be added to the games they created in the simulation.

Game Dev Tycoon lets you build your game studio from a one-person team in the 80s to a major studio in the present day. Relive the early days of game development, build a world-class team, design best-selling games, research new technologies and make your mark on the games industry.

Game Dev Tycoon

You’ll begin the game in the 80s, working out of a small garage office.  Gain experience in the field and you’ll unlock new options and soon be able to create your own engine.  From there, once you’ve successfully released a few games, you can move out of your garage and forge your own development team.  You’ll also need to micromanage your team in order to create bigger and better games.

Having first launched on PC in 2012, Game Dev Tycoon for Steam was released in 2013, where it’s currently priced at £6.99 / €9.99 / $9.99.  It’s received over 22,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews since launch.  It was launched for iOS last November, and has already been rated 5 stars by more than 2,300 reviewers.

You can pick get a taste for the game development lifestyle (it’s probably much more relaxing than in real life) on Android from the 31st of January.