VESTA released on PC and consoles today

Arcade puzzler available worldwide after last years’ Asian release.

VESTA combines the challenges of traditional puzzles and arcade gameplay to create an elaborate and fascinating story.  Players take on the role as Vesta, a 6-year-old girl, who awakes in a desolate underground labyrinth.  With the assistance of her littler helper, Bot, and her friend, Droid, players lead Vesta through more than 30 fascinating levels, full of enemies, traps, obstacles and powerful bosses.

Each of the levels will require you to solve the unique challenges of each of the levels. All set in different environments, and filled with various objects to interact wit, such as platforms, conveyor belts, hatches, and more.

You’ll need to switch between both Vesta and Droid and utilise their unique skills to progress through the levels.  Selflessly block a searing laser beam with your body as Droid to allow Vesta to pass unharmed, and collect, harness and manage the essential resource of the world as Vesta.


Countless robotic opponents won’t hesitate to crush or blow you to pieces, even though you are a six year old girl.  She’s probably seen more than any girl her age should, especially the many malicious traps scattered throughout the levels.  Acid baths, fireball blasting turrets and collapsing floors all await a clumsy approach to make you another unfortunate victim of the labyrinth.

From today you’ll be able to download VESTA on Steam, as well as the digital stores for PS4, Xbox One and Switch.  The game was released in Asian countries late last year and received many positive reviews.

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