Color Defense gets early access on Android

New tower defence game is not one for the colour blind.

The highly addictive tower defence game Color Defense now is available for Android devices as a free game in the Google Play early access category worldwide. The game has full functionality and the developer, McPeppergames, hopes to get a lot of player feedback through early access so they can polish some final touches like for example the difficulty in some levels.

Your task in Color Defense is to place unique defense mechanisms to prevent colored creeps from reaching and destroying a reactor. Every defense mechanism has unique capabilities. You’ll need to use your puzzle skills as well as your strategy skills to reach the goal.

All of the content in Color Defense is free, no need to spend any money, though there are some in app purcheses on offer.  Gameplay generally lasts for a few minutes, and is aimed at casual players on the daily commute.  There are no entry barriers, and the inclusion of tutorial levels makes sure you’re prepared for the alien onslaught.

You can download Color Defense on Android now for free.