Path of Exile gets 3.1.2 patch today

New update brings plenty of updates and bug fixes.

Path of Exile

There’s a huge amount of improvements, tweaks, fixes and balance changes in today’s Path of Exile patch.  Several of these include changes to the new skills introduced in the 3.1 update and the Abyss league.  For example, new helmet enchantments have been added for Bodyswap and Despair, available from the Merciless and the Eternal Labyrinths.

The monsters that spawn from the Abyss have been subject to some change as well.  Pitworms are now immune to knockback, ensuring they will be more able to swarm you and generally be an annoyance.  Lich bosses that you’ll encounter when entering the Abyss will now be more aggressive in trying to separate you from your limbs.

An interesting new feature to help players with crafting in the end game is the user interface option called Advanced Mod Descriptions.  This will show you more information about items when hovering your curse over it and hitting the Alt key.  You’ll be shown a break down of the suffix and prefix attributes of the item, their ranges and what tier they are.  Developer Grinding Gear Games does note that this will be improved in the future, but for now it will surely be a welcomed improvement to the crafting system.

You can see the full list of changes that come with this update (there are a lot) on the official Path of Exile forum post.