Mobile strategy game Super Senso out today

Turbo Studio’s turned based release wishes to tackle MOBA audience.

Super Senso

Brooklyn based indie developers at Turbo Studio announced today the launch of their MOBA turned based tactics game, Super Senso, for Europe and Latin America expanding their reach on the mobile market. The app is free to play and offers an engaging real time PvP arena experience with the option of cosmetic in-app purchases.

Super Senso comes to compete in an increasingly uncertain mobile gaming environment where only Hearthstone, Candy Crush and Clash Royale can evidence dominance. In this case, Turbo’s proposal aims to claim the MOBA genre, competing with titles like Star Wars Force Arena or Vainglory.

Super Senso combines your own army of troops, choppers and tanks with the power of a wide range of hero-like mechs (Sensos) with special abilities and a synchronous PvP arena combat experience. Players will grind for new cards to enrich their unit base and unlock new and more powerful allies.

Super Senso

There is a single-player feature, although it’s clearly ment to function as a tutorial or a place to improve our combat strategies. The focus is put on the multiplayer experience, as Turbo’s creative director Jon Yao told Polygon stated: “The core of Super Senso is squarely targeted at competitive PvP play”. Turbo Studio’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yohei Ishii, said upon today’s launch:

“Bringing Super Senso to Europe and Latin America has always been an extremely important step in our roadmap. We want as many players as possible competing and we can’t wait to hear from the new communities.”

With five to ten minutes game sessions, a rewarding combo system and a wide variety of content to unlock, Super Senso promises a fun and dynamic experience for those looking for some fresh air in the over populated mobile gaming world. The game is available now in the App Store and Google Play for free.