Banner Saga 3 officially launching this Summer

The final chapter to the award winning series comes this year!

The epic Banner Saga series finally gets official confirmation that in fact, it is launching the conclusion to the trilogy in Summer 2018 on Windows PC and Mac. On their official Kickstarter page the game is set to launch this December but with the recent trailer it has been changed to Summer 2018.

Alongside the announcement, developer Stoic Studios kicked off the road to launch with a new trailer series which will highlight many influential characters in the Viking saga, with many more debuting in the coming months. Here is what Stoic Studios said about the first highlighted character.

“Varl loyalist, Fasolt is the first warrior we review. What are his true motives and will he turn his back on civilization in their greatest time of need in revenge for wrongs past?”

A PC and Mac version has only been announced with no price as of yet officially on GOG or Steam. No word on a console version of the game but going off Stoic’s previous release, Banner Saga 2. A console version launched a roughly two months after its PC counterpart so hopefully at launch we will get some word of a console port and its release window.